Will I get my order in one shipment?

No, not always. We may split an order into multiple shipments for the following reasons:

  • Product packaging. Some of our products are individually packaged to ensure their shape and provide extra cushion and durability. The products we'll always ship separately are mugs, jewelry and backpacks.

  • Fulfillment location. In our Product catalog, you'll see that we fulfill products in multiple locations (e.g., US, EU, AU), so if your order consists of products that have different fulfillment locations, we'll ship the products separately.

Can I return/exchange my ordered products?

  • If you haven’t received your order or notice an issue with the products, please reach out to us via our instagram and we’ll help you get it solved. Please read our Return Policy for more details. As our designs are printed on demand, unfortunately we cannot refund buyers remorse, or ordering an incorrect size.